Farnsworth House
12.23.2011 3:00PM

On Tuesday, I headed to Plano, Illinois roughly 60 miles from Chicago, to work on Mies van der Rohe's mid-Century Modern masterpiece, the Farnsworth House. The 1500 square feet one room glass and steel house is built in Mies' iconic International style and is a National Historic Landmark. It is located just yards for the Fox River and as a result as sustained flood damage on multiple occassions since its completion in 1951. While the house is open to the public, for a price, and allowed to be photographed, for a higher price, on Tuesday it was just me and a colleague. As I approached the house I failed to appreciate all the accolades the house has received. But once inside, that's when I truly grasped its true beauty and groundbreaking (at the time) style. With floor to ceiling glass and minimal steel columns the line between interior and exterior is truly blurred and the house wildly successful. A few shots from inside the house are below.

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