My Favorite Photos of 2010
12.21.2010 9:00PM

And that's a wrap. Just ten days remain in 2010 and the first decade of the 21st century. I've had my Nikon D90 for two years now, getting it in December 2008 right before I headed out on the Inca Trail. So what better way to conclude the year, as well as, retire my 18-105MM lens then by presenting thirteen of my favorite shots from 2010. What's happening with the lens you ask? It's being replaced by the new Nikon 28-300MM lens, which awaits me when I arrive home for Christmas on the 23rd. Along with my ultra-wide angle, I have all the lens capabilities I need at this time. The photos here do a pretty good job representing my 2010. From Chicago (home) to Washington DC (home away from home) and all the stops in between (from Yellowstone to Baltimore), 2010 was a very photogenic year. I look forward to the photo opportunities that await in 2011 and the chance to share them with you here at the photoblog.

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