09.22.2012 8:00PM

Having moved from a 550 square foot apartment to a much larger house I don't really have enough furniture to fill all the rooms. I have a dining room now. As well as an additional bedroom. Oh yeah, an office too. Ever since I moved I've been looking for furniture to complete the various spaces. When I was back in Louisville I picked up some pieces, but was still missing a dining room table and desk. So last weekend I hit the streets looking for some furniture and a good deal to boot. Knowing there are plenty of items I like at Salvage One but not necessarily in my price range, I wandered their warehouse and hit the jackpot. In the clearance room I found a dining room table. Not too far away was a dresser and matching side table. Then back on the main floor I was able to find a desk and coffee table, both without price tags. So I haggled and bought everything for $500.

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