Around Chicago
09.10.2011 4:00PM

This is a catch-all gallery of photos from various spots around the Chicagoland area. Rural surveys have started up once again at work, so the first four are photos from Wesley Township in Will county. The three hibiscus flowers that follow are on Depaul's campus, not too far from a festival I went to which featured an awesome CCR cover band. They nailed the sound and the look. With so many awesome storms this summer I was able to capture some great lightning shots right out my apartment window. The one below is probably the best. The rest are from down by the lake by my apartment or downtown during wonderful summer days in the city. While summer was a wet one (though often in single torrential events) it was also steamy (weeks at a time with 90+ temperatures) but excellent for taking photos. Hopefully fall is equally as nice and I can feature some autumn photos from around Chicago in the near future.

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