Bodhi Spiritual Center
07.30.2011 9:00PM

A couple weeks ago a friend on my soccer team, Joel, asked me if I'd like to photograph an church the organization he works for was moving into. I jumped at the opportunity since I love photographing architecture and this church had been vacant for some time, leaving the possibility of hidden gems to be found. Admittedly it was a difficult shoot. It's siting made it difficult to capture exterior shots. Even with my wide-angle lens, there was limited space. Furthermore, the only lighting in the church was the natural light flooding through the windows. It made the shots more interesting, but without my tripod, getting a clear, crisp shot was a challenge. But in the end I was pleased with the photographs I captured. Joel reported back that his co-workers at the Bodhi Spiritual Center was very happy with the photos. Some of the images I captured are featured below.

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