Chicago Fire Station
07.18.2012 6:00PM

After three years I finally photographed one of my favorite Chicago buildings. You could spend all day guessing and you'd never end up with the correct building. Hell it doesn't even have a special name. It's a fire station I passed every day on the 'L' as I headed to and from work. I don't even know what fire station it is. I do know it was built in 1887 and features a fantastic red brick. If I was rich I'd buy the building, open a bar on the first floor and live on the second floor. But until then I'll just have to admire it. There's just something so perfect about the building. I think its the fabulous proportions on the street facade. And then that door is fantastic. It's too bad that it sits vacant. There were perfect conditions on Sunday to capture the building in all its glory. It only took three years but I like the building even more after photographing it. Oh yeah, then there was a small fire at Chase Tower. Enjoy!

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