Lurie Garden Butterfly
07.17.2012 6:00PM

One of my favorite parts of Millennium Park, of which there are plenty of great spaces, is the Lurie Garden. Sometimes I forget about it tucked into the south side of the site across the street from the Art Institute. But when I venture over there and have my camera with me, I always end up with some great photographs. The last trip was no exception. The blazing sun was slowly setting behind the Chicago skyline and drenched the area in perfect light. A butterfly obliged me and fluttered from flower to flower as I snapped away. The shots featured here are from two visits. If you're familiar with my photography you know both flowers and butterflies make frequent appearances. I'm not exactly sure what the draw is, but I guess its the color, as well as the structure of flowers (architecturally speaking). Anyway, enjoy the photos I'm sure it won't be long until there's another gallery featuring flowers and butterflies.

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