Rappelling the Santa Fe Building
06.30.2011 7:00PM

I really enjoy my job. But there is certainly one thing that I enjoy more than anything else I do. That is inspecting buildings via ropes. This week I was part of the team that rappelled the Santa Fe Building on Michigan Avenue to inspect its terra cotta facade. I dropped the building 8-10 times and while I did my job of inspecting the facade, I also took in the amazing views afforded by my vantage point. To avoid pedestrian traffic, one morning we started just after the sunrise (5AM-ish), which allowed me to capture the second photo in the series. The rest of the photos are just different perspectives I am afforded because of the work I do. Not entirely exotic places but but views the rest of the world rarely gets to see but I see quite often but certainly never take for granted. Enjoy.

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