Mr. & Mrs. Barritt
06.13.2011 9:00PM

On Friday I headed down to Bellville, Illinois to celebrate the marriage of my good friends Rick and Angela. They were kind enough to let me be a part of their special day. So I hope I didn't let them down with my ushering abilities or lackthereof. I know Grandma thought I did an exquisite job walking her down the aisle. The rehearsal dinner was tasty. The ceremony was beautiful. The reception was a fucking blast. I hope I didn't embarrass them with my mad dancing skills or any of my other shenanigans, including the cartwheel during the wedding party introductions. Hey, I was told to do something fun. All the best to Rick and Angela in their lives together and most certainly, until death do they part. Here's some candid shots from after the ceremony as we traveled to St. Louis for some additional photos. Do enjoy.

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