Pawleys Island
05.31.2011 9:00PM

Pawleys Island is usually the area to spot ocean wildlife not normally found at the more crowded beaches around Myrtle Beach. However, thanks to a powerful tide exacerbated by strong winds, a natural phenomenon of epic proportions was taking place this time. Thousands of starfish, with little or no control over their movement, had washed up on the shores. A lot of them were dead, but some, slowly struggled to get back to the ocean. It was impossible to save them all, but I did my part by tossing a few starfishes, holding on to the last vestiges of life, back into the ocean. The sight was both interesting and disgusting at the same time. It was perfect if you were looking for a souvenir as you had your pick of a variety of starfish. Apparently this wasn't the only time it had happened this spring and with more strong currents and winds, its bound not to be the last. Here are some photos of an evening walking the beaches of Pawleys Island.

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