NATO Summit Protests
05.21.2012 10:00AM

Yesterday I ventured down to ground zero of the NATO Summit protests as they marched from Grant Park to just blocks north of McCormick Place where over 50 world leaders were meeting to discuss international issues. Many groups were represented from the Communists to LGBT and Green Peace to Occupy Chicago. While they certainly don't agree on everything they did find common ground in protest of NATO and its actions. Thousands of police, some clad in riot gear, lined the march with particular attention placed on the black bandanda and mask wearing group of Anarchists. Not to my surprise the first skirmish to erupt on the march was with this group. We peeled off the march before it reached its final destination knowing that the major brouhaha would erupt when police ordered the groups to disperse. Sure enough as we had a drink the news broke that scuffles between protestors and the police were unfolding. A glimpse of the sights is featured below.

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