Lincoln Park Flora & Fauna
05.19.2012 11:00PM

Today as the temperatures crept toward 90Fers, I grabbed the camera and went for a stroll through Lincoln Park - around North Pond, a stop in the Conservatory, and a lap around the Zoo. While I may live and work in the concrete jungle, there are natural oases just foot steps away. Today was a reminder of why nearly 3 million city dwellers deal with the usual harsh winters - its hard to beat Chicago in the summer (or in the spring with summerlike temperatures). On my stroll I encountered all kinds of flora and fauna which is featured below. It's not often I photograph animals, but the geese and ducks were on full display. The majority of the photos are of flowers since that's one of my favorite subjects. With the weather changing hopefully this is just the first of many galleries of summer in Chicago.

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