Tulips in the Loop
05.13.2011 8:00PM

For a brief moment in time - about four days - a season other than gray existed in Chicago. Temperatures rose to the upper 80s and even a record 91 Fers on Tuesday, which allowed the dormant trees and plants to finally burst to life. They quickly made up for lost time. Most trees are full of vibrant green leaves. Magnolia trees loaded up with blooms and flowered. And the planters that bisect LaSalle St. and Michigan Ave., as well as, surround Daley Plaza opened to the overhead sun and flooded the loop with much need color. Red, yellow, orange, purple, pink. It was a nice change for the constant gray of the last 6 months. But tulips don't last for long, especially when rain and storms are in the forecast. So today I took time to photograph the beauty because after the storm rolls through tonight, it'll be gone. Do enjoy.

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