East Meets West- Istanbul
04.09.2012 10:00PM

And so your vicarious through Turkey ends in Istanbul. Straddling Europe and Asia, a literal collision of East and West occurs in Istanbul. Through in some Middle East, and Turkey is truly a cosmopolitan city. For me this was both a benefit and a hindrance. On one hand it isn't Rome, which is wholeheartedly wrapped in European cultural. But it wasn't Cairo, which is rooted entirely in Middle Eastern cultural. It was more like Berlin. A large metropolitan area with its distinct history (Hagia Sophia- cathedral turned mosque turned museum) striving to keep up with the rest of Europe while not straying too far from its unique mix. Currently it toes the line. But there's always the though that at any moment it may teeter in either direction a bit too much. The balancing act is palpable as you traverse the city and for me that gave me moments of pure joy as well as unexpected letdowns.

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