Sights All Across Turkey
04.03.2012 6:00PM

This is hodgepodge gallery that encompasses sights from all over Turkey - from sites, people, and food. This is a good recap of the time I spent in Turkey. I'll wrap up the photos from Turkey with a gallery featuring Istanbul later this week. But for now, here are some views of the ruins at the Ephesus, which was once an bustling ancient port city. It has some of the finest Greek and Roman ruins ever discovered. The plate of food was one of my favorite meals and included a lot of the traditional Turkish foodstuffs - meat, beans, and eggplant. All the food was quite tasty. The Grand Bazaar was an eclectic mix of contemporary shops (especially jewelry, much like at a suburban mall) and more tradtional goods but colors abound everwhere, especially the candy and spices. And finally a few additional photos of the fantastic landscape of central Turkey with blue skies and touch of snow.

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