Living Like the Flintstones
04.02.2012 4:00PM

The dominating feature of Cappadocia are unique rock formations created by volcanic eruptions a long time ago. The rock is very brittle, almost like dry dirt, and can be crudely "sculpted" with little more than your hands. As a result, the rocks are dominated by rock-cut homes, churches, monasteries, and even entire cities. They range from simple to complex including colorful frescoes and soaring columns such as those seen at this brilliant white church from the 5th century (photos 7-10) hidden off the beaten path. We only knew it existed thanks to a local who pointed us there as we hiked the Rose Valley. Popping in and out of the caves in Cappadocia was really cool, as you never new what you were going to find. The early settlers of Cappadocia made the best of the one resource they had an abundance of - large rocks for carving.

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