Floating Over Cappadocia
03.29.2012 9:00PM

I've been in a lot of high places through various means - airplane, swing stage, rappelling, etc. - but never in a hot air balloon. That changed in Turkey when we floated above the exotic rock formations around Goreme. A freshly fallen snow (quite late in the year for the area) bedecked the landscape creating a beautiful stark contrast. With blue skies and puffy white clouds, the below freezing temperatues couldn't dampen the sense of awe experienced while floating gracefully over a landscape best experienced through a birds eye view. Among the rock-cut homes and contemporary buildings we spotted a fox on the hunt that I barely captured it in the corner of the frame. If you're ever in the area, go ahead, splurge and take in the amazing beauty of Cappadocia with a hot air ballon right. It's worth every penny. I certainly won't forget that flight.

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