The River Ran Green
03.12.2011 5:00PM

Today the Chicago River ran green. Per tradition since 1961 the Chicago River was dyed green in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. The official celebrations now take place the Saturday prior to March 17, so that's why 40 pounds of green vegetable dye was dumped into the river east of Wabash Street. It was my first time to witness the specatacle, and a spectacle it was. It's not every day you see a vibrant green body of water. We're talking Slimer green. The river was busy with boats, ferries, and kayaks taking to the water to indulge the crowds that lined Wacker Drive. Below you'll find some of my favorite shots. And just a warning. If you ever see a green body of water and it's NOT St. Patrick's Day celebration - run. Get the hell out of there and call the EPA.

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