Luminous Field at Cloud Gate
02.18.2012 4:00PM

I have no idea if Cloud Gate (aka The Bean) is the most recognizable Chicago landmark (Sears Tower?) or the most visited Chicago landmark (most likely?) but it takes full advantage of its placement in Millennium Park just east of Michigan Avenue. Tourists flock to the landmark to snap their picture in the reflection on the metallic bean and locals never seem to tire of the uniqueness of the Cloud. I love photographing it. But if there is a time when its not swamped with people it is February. So why not "pimp" Cloud Gate with a light and music display by exploiting its reflective surface and interactive nature and the utilitarian plaza on which it sits? Well that's what Luminous Field by Luftwerk (a collaboration between Chicago artists Petra Bachmaierand Sean Gallero) is. I spent about an hour snapping photos as the lights shifted between geometric patterns and kids decked out in free glow ropes pranced around the display.

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