Snowtorious B.I.G. 2011
02.02.2011 11:00PM

The photos showcased below were taken between 6:30AM, nearly 12 hours after the photos from yesterday's gallery, and 10AM when a short lull arrived followed by the storm's final wrath. As I walked to the L nearly 16 inches were on the ground and snow was still being whipped around. Later around the Loop, things calmed and the skies cleared. And then one final time, to prove Mother Nature still rules, blizzard conditions returned. All that is illustrated below. Things took a turn for the worse, again, as I wandered around the deserted "Cloud Gate" at Millennium Park. In total, 20.2 inches piled up, sometimes in drifts nearly 8 feet tall. But I'll remember these epic 24 hours not for the snow total, but rather, the thundersnow, ridiculous winds, and zero visibility. THUNDER BLIZZARD 2011 you were awesome!

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