Ice Cream!
01.29.2012 1:00PM

It seems as I grow older and continuously single I become more domesticated. Some lucky lady in the distant future is going to have it made. Since Christmas I've picked up a cupcake maker, a deep fryer, and an ice cream maker. Yesterday I put the ice cream maker to use for the first time. I found a recipe for chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and minus the coffee followed it exactly. I'm not always the most patient person, especially when it comes to delectable goods, but I managed all the wait times and was rewarded with a tasty treat. Since I can't physically share the ice cream with you, I figured I would tease you by posting some photos of the process and ultimately the end result - a bowl of homemade chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (using 70% cocoa). Next- homemade french fries tonight.

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